Both Nintendo and Amazon have announced that the Palutena amiibo will be sold exclusively on Amazon when the amiibo launches this month.

The amiibo will go on sale July 24th and will be available for preorder on the 22nd. You can go here to get the latest information on Amazon.

Nintendo’s site says that the Palutena amiibo will be sold on Amazon for America and Canada “at launch” which may be hinting at the amiibo being sold in stores at a later time.

Palutena, the goddess of light and ruler of Skyworld, hails from the Kid Icarus series of games. She goes to great lengths to protect her people, and those who dwell on the surface lands below. She watches over Pit as he does battle, sending him messages telepathically and using her powers to help him.

US & Canada: Exclusively at Amazon at launch.

Get ready, the fight for a Palutena amiibo will start soon enough. Good luck!

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