After a slight delay earlier in the month, patch 1.4 for The Division is finally ready for testing.

It’s rare for a single game patch get so much attention, but if The Division’s 1.4 Update is all it’s cracked up to be, it will be worth it. After having delayed all future DLC in order to focus on the patch, Massive promises the update will bring sweeping changes to the game’s systems, endgame balancing, and even how it feels to play. The developer isn’t taking any changes and has set up a Public Test Server for players to test out the new update.

Starting today, the PTS, or specifically what the developer is referring to simply as ‘the technical test,’ is available to PC players who specifically applied to be a part of what Massive is calling the Elite Task Force. There are no NDAs, meaning you can find streams of the updated game from those playing it. The PTS opens up to the public Monday, September 26.

According to details collected The Division forums, players will not have to create a new character. Characters will be copied over from live version of the game, but progress will not carry over once the testing session is complete. This all comes as Update 1.4 is set to go live sometime in October.

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