Since its release earlier this year, Enter the Gungeon has had great reception as a fun and fast paced randomly generated dungeon crawler. Instead of using swords, axes, and hammers, however, the player has a much more advanced arsenal of guns upon guns. If you have made your way through countless rooms in this title and are looking for another challenge, your wish has been granted.

In a post on their Steam page, Dodge Roll Games has announced an update coming to Enter the Gungeon this fall. Being called the Supply Drop Update, you can be sure that many more items and weapons will be added to this bullet fest. While this is true, the update holds so much more than that. Basically, it will be adding more of everything and anything you can think of. More guns, rooms, bosses, enemies, and more.

One weapon being added is the Bullet Gun. It sounds redundant, but the Bullet Gun actually shoots out more guns, which shoot out more bullets. A friendly companion is also being added by the name of Ser Junken. He helps your gain strength as you carry more low junk items with you.

No exact release date has been given for the Supply Drop Update of Enter the Gungeon, but it will be released this fall and is completely free.

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