R2Games has released the open beta for its latest title, Heroes Evolved. The free-to-play beta is available for download on PC from Sept. 9 to Sept. 18.

Heroes Evolved is a MOBA developed by famous free-to-play developer R2Games. R2Games is know for games such as Clicker Heroes and the somewhat controversial League of Angels. It offers a Hero-oriented team multiplayer experience in the spirit of titles such as League of Legends and DOTA 2.

Heroes Evolved is a conveniently small download, according to a press release issued by R2Games:

“With a client totalling ~35mb in disk space, and over 55 playable characters at launch, Heroes Evolved is fast set to carve out its own piece of the genre.

“With such a small initial download size, newcomers can get set up and start playing in a matter of minutes. There are no large patches to download, and the matchmaking is near instantaneous.”

The beta currently features ten playable heroes and two distinct battlefields. Players clash against each other in two teams of five Heroes, and the first team to flatten the opposing team’s base is the victor. Heroes Evolved is free-to-play, and does contain microtransactions in the form of VIP Rewards. VIP Rewards rank from 1 to 7, and that rank can be raised by making purchases in game. The higher the rank, the bigger and better the bounty.

As a bonus for beta players, R2Games is hosting a Double Gold event from Sept. 10 to September 11, which will give players the opportunity to unlock neat features en masse. Simultaneously, R2Games is also rewarding beta players with Gift Packs and weekly VIP Rewards:

“The first set of rewards comes in the form of Gift Packs, players can open a Gift Pack every day for 7 days, every 24 hours to be exact! The timer starts when you log in for the first time and every 24 hours after that… New players also receive a Weekly VIP Card, found in your game backpack. This card runs until 18th September and is active for 7 days, when you do, you will be able to unlock the VIP options and see a whole new experience!”

While items and features unlocked during the beta are players’ to keep forever, game results and character levels will be reset upon Heroes Evolved’s full release.

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