Bungie has announced the first Iron Banner event of 2017 will begin on 10:00 am PT on January 17, and last until 1:00 am PT January 24. The game mode this time around will be Clash.

As this is the first event of the new year, it will also include new rewards. The new loot includes a sidearm, a rocket launcher, gauntlets, and a chest piece. The gear drops can reach the max Light Level, which is Light Level 400, so even if you’re not normally into Destiny’s PvP it might be worth your time to hop into a handful of matches next week. You can check out Bungie’s official screenshots of the new gear below.

Iron Banner Sidearm

Iron Banner Rocket Launcher

Iron Banner Hunter Armor

Iron Banner Titan Armor

Iron Banner Warlock Armor

As with previous Iron Banner events, players’ levels will not be balanced before heading into a match. This means that you will only be as powerful the gear you bring with you, so make sure you equip your best PvP items before jumping in. Don’t worry if you don’t have the best equipment, though, since the drops and bounty rewards that you receive are usually still worth it even if you lose a match.

There is also a new PvP mode called Bounty Days. In this mode, players have a specific target they need to hunt down. These players will be real people involved in the Destiny community, and you will earn a special emblem by either taking them down or winning with them as a teammate. Bungie has done this previously with members of the Destiny team, referring to them as Bungie Bounties. Bounty Days is live now and will last until February 10.

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