Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a Kickstarter game that takes a big risk; it’s a medieval RPG game that doesn’t have magic, dragons, or any other fantasy elements. So why is it so interesting?

There are a number of reasons. First and foremost, the storyline promises to be non-linear and have multiple solutions for each decision. It also features a lot of the concepts we love about games such as Skyrim, including the crafting of weaponry, classic war-zone style battles, first-person melee, and the ability do with your character as you please. That last one is very intriguing because it promises skill sets to vary your gameplay, including agility, vitality, swordsmanship, crafting, alchemy, and even sleep and hunger. Plus, you’ll be able to choose whether you advance as a thief, bard, knight, or whatever potential combinations you might choose. But remember, you have no magical powers to help you along the way!

Despite the risk of pushing aside the inclusion of fantasy elements, the game stands out from the crowd by going above expectations, relying on its storyline and gameplay. It also gives us things we don’t ask for but are SO happy to receive, such as warhorses, a dog companion, cause-and-effect decisions, skill-based minigames, and realistic–well, everything. From dialogue to combat and everything in-between, the game focuses on its realistic setting and delivers it in every way imaginable. The setting is 15th century Europe, and every detail matches that description. Clothes and combat, even ecosystems. And as you make decisions, your character can effect that ecosystem and everyone around him or her. Plus, if you are sick of the cliches of RPG games (delivering messages just to take up time and further the plot, attacking random ghosts in dungeons, etc), you are in luck with this game. Due to its devotion to realism, the game completely bypasses the cliches and sticks to medieval truths, such as bandit raids, castle sieges, investigations, and more–all of which can be played out in your own fashion (with stealth, brutality, etc) and for your own reasons. Just remember that everything you do has its own consequences!

The beta for this awesome game is promised for those who pledge $35 or more, but right now, the hype is all about the newest Tech Alpha release. The E3 teaser has been put out to the public, and it proves the attention to detail that the creators have put in:

If you want to learn more about the game, the website provides a ton of information on the game and so does the reveal trailer, below:

More info to come as the game progresses, but get excited–the release date is projected to be in 2016 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4!

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