The interactive entertainment company, Kabam has announced that they will be shutting down the mobile ARPG Star Wars: Uprising later this year. The announcement was made on the game’s official community forums earlier this week.

The post states, “Despite the best efforts of our team here at Kabam, unfortunately, Star Wars: Uprising will soon be decommissioned. On November 17th, 2016, all Star Wars: Uprising servers will be shutting down permanently. As part of this shutdown, we will be shutting down payments today, September 22nd, 2016, to prevent additional payments from occurring.”

Kabam goes on to explain that the company has decided to shut down the game in response to it not being able to reach the level of success needed to keep the title online. The company also notes that players will not be able to access any of their data or bases once the game shuts down, and suggests that players resort to taking screenshots in order to keep a record of their time spent in the game.

Players will still be able to play the game up until the servers shut down on November 17th.

Star Wars: Uprising was released on Android and iOS on September 9th of last year.

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