Part of Sony’s PlayStation Meeting presentation today, BioWare gave us the first real look at Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay. And best of all, it’s running in 4K on the newly announced PS4 Pro console.

“4K allows the game to take on new levels of depth, making Mass Effect more immersive than ever,” BioWare General Manager Aaryn Flynn says in the trailer. While the gameplay doesn’t involve any combat, we do see the male version of protagonist Ryder, walking, and jet-packing, around what looks to be an underground cavern.

Though we still know very little about the game’s story, Ryder comes across an alien race called the Remnant, but they aren’t initially hostile. In the final cutscene, the protagonist and his two teammates look at a map involving dormant vaults on multiple worlds.

Flynn finishes the video with a promise for a lot more on Mass Effect Andromeda to come November 7 (N7 day), with a new trailer set to release then. The next Mass Effect is scheduled to release early next year.

Meanwhile, PS4 Pro will release November 10, including 4K resolution, an upgraded GPU, and a boosted clockrate and a 1TB hardrive. The console will run gamers $399. As we learn more, you’ll find it all right here on Gamespresso.

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