If Randy Pitchford is to be trusted, we may be hearing news about the next Duke Nukem title in just a few days– and it may involve Gears of War.

Pitchford’s early career included work on Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition, and he is now the founder, CEO, and president of Gearbox Software, the final developers of 2011 release Duke Nukem Forever. Forever, which was in development hell by other companies for 15 years, was poorly received by critics, but marked at least some semblance of a return for the series.

Now, a recent exchange hints at the high possibility of new Duke Nukem… and possibly a crossover with Gears of War? After an unhappy customer reached out to Gearbox with a complaint about Gears of War– a game Gearbox had nothing to do with, which would make it very hard for them to help that customer– this exchange took place on Twitter:

Whatever this project will be, Gearbox surely hopes it will do well. Hype has been reignited for the franchise since the remaster Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour, and Gearbox still sees sales for its Borderlands series, but its team-based multiplayer shooter meant to rival Overwatch, Battleborn, has seen poor sales and dismal active players. Hopefully, this new project can help Gearbox turn a new leaf.

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