It seems Nintendo accidentally leaked the full game of Paper Mario: Color Splash two weeks before the game’s official release.

A few North American gamers found that they were able to play Paper Mario: Color Splash early. Those who had pre-ordered a digital copy of the game set it to download, and then found that the game actually worked. Unfortunately, the preload option has been removed from the eShop.

Several players quickly took to Twitter and NeoGAF, showing that they can already play the game. While most were careful not to post spoilers, still show caution when looking around if you care about spoilers.

With all of the attention that has appeared on social media, Nintendo quickly realized that the game had been accessed early. Players can no longer gain early access to the title. All of those who did not preload the game the second it released will have to wait for the title’s official release in a couple of weeks.

Paper Mario: Color Splash follows an incident surrounding the loss of color in the Mushroom Kingdom, specifically in Prism Island. Mario will meet a brand new companion in Color Splash, a bucket of paint. Color Splash will follow Sticker Star’s battle mechanic and utilize a similar card/sticker system. The card mechanic is affected by how much paint is on the card. The more color on the card, the more damage it does in battle. There is a limit to how much paint a player can use, however, so player must manage their use.

Paper Mario: Color Splash will release on October 7th. It will release exclusively for the Wii U.

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