In today’s digital age, many games and consoles become more than what they were when you first purchased them. New features that the fans are asking for are constantly being put in development and hopefully released within a good time frame. While we have recently seen enhanced consoles taken to the next level with the Xbox One Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro, there is still room for upgrade in the PS4 sitting in your living room.

Update 4.00 is now available on your PS4. With this, new Quick Menu will be able to pull up without pausing or getting our of you current game app. This is especially useful when playing music through console. No more stopping play to change the song. As mentioned last week, all PS4 devices will be able to support HDR and that is part of today’s update.

In addition, there is a new Activity Feed, giving you up to the minute updates on what people in your friends circle are up to, allowing you quick access to comment, share, and more. There are a few more features that you can see on the PlayStation Blog post. Of course, in preparation for the PS4 Pro, some updates will be to prepare your console for that release in November. Between now and then, however, enjoy your new 4.00 update.

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