Yesterday, a lot of exciting news surrounding the PS4 Pro was announced by Sony during the NYC event. Not only is Sony pushing the idea of 4K gaming, like their competitor Microsoft with the Xbox Scorpio, but they are also pushing HDR gaming. While this will be one of the aspects of the PlayStation 4 Pro, it will also be made possible for all PS4 consoles.

To clarify for anyone who doesn’t know, HDR is different from HD. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. This means that there is a wider range from the brightest any part of an image can get and the darkest. This allows for a more realistic look in the games of today. As early as next week, there will be a firmware update to all PS4’s allowing them to reach HDR capabilities.

Of course, your television has to be able to support HDR for it to work. Most televisions these days do, so unless yours is a number of years old, you should be good to go. Not all games will be able to support HDR, but soon more developers will work to make this happen. Soon, games will be more realistic than ever before.

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