Sign-ups are now available for Nintendo Account, the company’s planned system that will connect their current and upcoming gaming systems, PCs and smart phones and tablets.

The system is designed to give users a single online account across platforms, as well as be featured as a tie-in with the upcoming My Nintendo program that will act as a successor for Club Nintendo.

The Nintendo Account will also be used in the upcoming Miitomo, which is the company’s first foray into mobile gaming, the latter of which had its site launch today as well, giving fans a glimpse into what they can expect when the game is released.

“This application is all about communication with your friends,” the game’s FAQ states. “First, try answering the various questions your Mii will ask you. Your answers will then be shared with your friends. Sometimes you’ll hear answers from your friends too. If there’s an answer that catches your attention, you can also leave a comment about it that will be shared with the person whose answer it is.

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