You don’t have to look for very long to find great games out now or from the past that you may have missed. There are always fantastic titles just waiting to be played out there. The world, however, always wants to know what’s next. That is why conferences like E3 and the Game Developer’s Conference are so popular. Another well known gaming event, the Tokyo Game Show, is next week. Square Enix will be one of the many developers there and they have a surprise in store.

According to their official Tokyo Game Show website, Square Enix has stated that they will be revealing a brand new action game during the convention. To be exact, it will be showcased on September 15th at 1:00 pm JST, or September 14th at 9:00 pm PST. While we would love to share more, it seems you’ll have to hold your excitement in until the time previously mentioned.

Square Enix has not added any other information about this mystery action game. It is up to our creative minds to speculate and imagine what it could be. Coming from them, many fans would be excited for almost anything. Perhaps even a new IP. Check back in with Gamespresso for all your Tokyo Game Show news.

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