Launching with patch 6.2.2 on September 1st (also known as today) is a few new features into World of Warcraft.

One of the more notable is finally being able to fly around Draenor. What started out as Blizzard proclaiming that you would never be able to fly in Draenor, quickly turned into them allowing it for users who complete a quest line. After the quest line was released, players had to wait until this upcoming patch, 6.2.2.

6.2.2 will also include a new addition to queueing up for PvP Battlegrounds. Mercenary mode will allow you to play with the other faction, while wearing a mask designed to fool the other team. (It really shouldn’t, but we will pretend it does)

This is to cut down on non-ranked Battlegrounds and Ashran’s wait time. Unless PvPing at a prime time, you will be left with a longer queue then wanted for a Battleground.

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