Last week, Forza 6 owners saw the addition of microtransactions as an in-game “feature.” While they’ve received some backlash for this decision, Forza 6 creative director Dan Greenawalt has decided to give us an explanation as to why this is.

He responded to a person that tweeted “[Forza 6] how sad is it your introducing microtransactions again! Did you learn nothing!!” His response, however, was a bit lackluster. He explained that the game was designed, tested, and tuned 100% without them, and then added, “You can turn them off.”

The microtransactions in reference are tokens you can buy in Forza 6, spending anywhere between $1 to $100 on them. These can be used to buy cars and mod packs and are aimed at those that want to speed up their progress in the game.

Supposedly, anything you can buy with the coins can be earned in-game, which begs the question of why they have to exist. To spend more money on unlocking content in a game you’ve already paid for would have seemed like an insane prospect a few years ago, but today, almost every other AAA game seems to need microtransactions. What do you think of Forza 6’s microtransactions? A fair prospect, or just looking to nickel and dime customers? Sound off in the comments!

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