Finnish game developer, Bugbear Entertainment, has announced that their Early Access title Wreckfest will be coming to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This announcement was made on the company’s official website. The post from the developers states that, “Since the Early Access launch of Wreckfest we have been asked whether Wreckfest will be ever released on consoles, and we’re now thrilled to announce that Wreckfest is officially coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4!” The game is currently expected to launch on PC through Stream Early Access in October.

The company believes that the power of both of these systems will be able to deliver a solid experience for console players. The company has also announced that they will be taking preorders for the console version of the game, and as a bonus, those who preorder will also have access to the first playable console version of the game once it comes out on Early Access.

Along with this news, Bugbear Entertainment has also announced that they will be teaming up with a new partner to launch another title, Stuntfest. The game is described as a sandbox game where players can customize cars and tracks in the in-game editor. The game is expected to enter early access later this fall.

Wreckfest is getting ready for launch on Steam Early Access in October of this year, while the full game will be released next year.

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