Baseball slumps are such a tragic sight; especially when they happen to one of the best hitters in the MLB. What once was a must-see event, Yasiel Puig’s at-bats quickly turned into a Greek tagedy. The once godlike figure is proven to be mortal as the strikeouts quickly mount. However, Puig credit’s an unusual strategy when it came to breaking out of his own slump.

“I just stopped playing soccer video games,” he said to Los Angeles Times beat writer Bill Shaikin. “I’ve found, when I play baseball video games, I do better.” While many think a slump correlates from a tweak in the batting stance or placement of a batter’s hands, sometimes it’s the mental aspect that can cripple a player.

Puig didn’t specify what MLB game he’s been playing, but there’s only one game out there that Puig graces the cover of, and that’s MILB 15: The Show.

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