Bungie didn’t have anything new to announce regarding their upcoming expansion House of Wolves, but they did say they’ll be approaching Destiny’s loot reward system differently with the new expansion than they did with The Dark Below.

Luke Smith, a developer on the game, says the studio won’t repeat “mistakes we made with the DLC1 (The Dark Below) reward economy,” on NeoGAF. “Our philosophy about rewards/loot continue to evolve as we see how players play and react,” Smith said. He also mentioned the studio intends to make the acquisition of new items more fun through less grinding.

The studio’s found that increasing drop rates and variability of item rewards from Vault of Glass and Crota’s End, as well as removing Shards as a “barrier” between new loot and players will be a better option moving forward.

We’d love to see your feedback on the loot reward system issues in Destiny in the comments below! Let us know what you’re thinking.

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