The Xbox One has outsold the PlayStation 4 for the second month in a row, according to the latest NPD Report.

The Xbox One saw a sales surge in July, when the system outsold the PlayStation 4 for the first time in eight months. Since both consoles released nearly three years ago, the PlayStation 4 has dominated nearly every month. Now however, the One seems to be pulling ahead with two months of superior sales in a row.

This may be due to the release of the Xbox One S, which came out in August. To celebrate the release of the upgraded console, a number of discounted bundles with the original One were released, which could have led to the increase of sales. Microsoft also stated that the total gaming hours on the One increased by 42 percent year-over-year (via VG 24/7). However, the company did not give any more details.

Details for the Xbox One’s next big update have been released. New features include Clubs, the Looking For Group function, and a new look for the Gamerscore Leaderboard. The new update will also bring emojis to the virtual keyboard. More information about features coming to the upcoming update, including Arena and Achievement Rarity, should be revealed soon. The update should be available to Previews members.

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