The next big Xbox One update has started releasing to Previews members, and now Microsoft has revealed some of the features that will come with the update.

Included in the next Xbox One update is the new Clubs feature. Clubs are user-created, and will allow players to create communities based around common interests. All Club members will be able to create parties, play games, share content, and communicate. Club admins will be able to ensure that everyone is having a great time and help create a lively environment. No two Clubs can have the same name, so players should reserve their name as soon as possible.

Also coming in the update is the Looking For Group (LFG) function that will help gamers find others to play with. Gamers will be able to set requirements to help find the right people to play with, such as someone else wanting to do the same quest or unlock the same achievement, and can set filters. One player can create a LFG, pick out those who seem like a great fit, and then quickly enter a party chat together and begin playing.

The Gamerscore Leaderboard will be getting a new look in the new latest update. According to Microsoft, the new Leaderboard should load faster on both the Xbox app and Windows 10 devices. The function will also now have a monthly reset. The Leaderboard will now reset at the beginning of each month, rather than every 30 days.

The new update will also include emojis to the virtual keyboard. In addition to the existing alphabet and symbols that players can use, gamers will also be able to express themselves with a host of different emojis. Once on the virtual keyboard, players can get to emojis by pulling the right trigger. From there, they can press and hold an emoji to get more versions of the one they have selected.

The new Xbox One update should be available to Preview members today. More information about other upcoming features, such as Arena and Achievement Rarity, should be revealed soon.

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