Changing up the formula a bit from the game modes already present in Battleborn’s multiplayer, Face-Off sees teams go toe-to-toe while fighting off increasingly tough waves of enemies.

Launching for free next week, October 13, Face-Off is a horde-mode like twist on a standard capture the flag or collection type game. It is a 5v5 mode that involves players killing AI-controlled Varelsi to collect masks. Turning in masks in a central depository awards your team points, and the first to 500 wins. As you’d expect, you can kill enemy players to make them drop whatever masks they are carrying. Where things get interesting, however, is with the Varelsi themselves.

“It’s hard to believe the Varelsi will just let you get away with slaughter. As the match progresses, and players level up, the Varelsi also get tougher. Each match has multiple phases, so expect intense boss battles as the Varelsi attempt to get even and throw a wrench into each team’s plans,” 2K explains in a post on game’s website.

The game mode calls for teams to communicate and coordinate between taking on the enemy team, the Varelsi, and scoring points. Upon release, Face-Off will be available on the three Capture maps – Temples, Snowblind, and Outback. And though private bot matches won’t be available right away, the publisher stresses they still might be added in the future.

Face-Off releases for free on October 13, alongside the first piece of Battleborn story DLC, Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion. Developer Gearbox has recently denied rumors that Battleborn is going free-to-play, but has also teased a possible trial version down the road.

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