The  Battlefield Companion app has received a complete overhaul just in time for the release of Battlefield 1.

The Companion app is an overhaul of the Battlelog App. The updated Companion app will allow players to explore their stats and achievements, as well as see how their friends are doing. Gamers will also be able to fully customize their soldier’s loadout on the go. The app also lets players design their own emblems, and know when their friends are playing.

The Companion app will have full support for Battlefield 1 when it releases. Those who want to access the old Battlelog App can do so by going to the MORE menu or by visiting

Battlefield 1 will make use of multiplayer medals to get players to focus on one style of play at a time. Players will choose from five random medals and work on one at a time. They can switch which medal they are working on, but have to wait until the end of a match to do so. This is meant to make players try out different playstyles, and work towards fulfilling certain actions instead of earning rewards at random. Completing medals will reward experience, and there will be 34 medals that can each be earned 100 times.

Battlefield 1 will release on October 21st. The game will release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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