Editor’s Note: The original article title “BlizzCon is coming soon and rumors are flying” has been modified, as necessary information was left out of the headline.

Blizzard is one of the most successful game developers on the planet. Not only have they turned some nice profits over the years, but more importantly have built a strong and loyal following with their masterful storytelling in fantastically created universes. They are so important to the industry that they have their own BlizzCon each year to share news and keep the world updated with what they are up to. The next BlizzCon is just around the corner and people are already speculating on what they might see.

It was revealed recently that there would be a limited edition goody bag you can buy for $35 to celebrate this year’s BlizzCon. It comes with a number of Diablo themed die. The one that has caused a stir amongst the community is a die with two 1’s and a 4. It is believed to represent the date at which BlizzCon begins, November 4th, or 11/4.

Others, however, have stretched this to be a sign that Diablo 4 could possibly be announced at the event. David Brevik, who helped create the Diablo series, pushed this rumor further by tweeting about being at the Blizzard studio, even though he left the company some time ago. Unfortunately for fans, he also quickly shot rumors of him being involved down with a post saying “There has been a lot of speculation (and hope), but I’m not working on the Diablo franchise currently or in the near future.” This doesn’t mean that there is no chance for a Diablo 4 sighting at this year’s BlizzCon though.

Check back in with Gamespresso on November 4th for all the great news to come from BlizzCon 2016.

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