The Elder Scrolls Online creators Zenimax Online released details in a ‘Live with YouTube Gaming’ episode related to player housing.

Matt Firor, game director for The Elder Scrolls Online, talked about the newest update to ESO titled One Tamriel. Houses are styled according to race and have three size selections enabling 30 different choices. After the new update, players can receive a quest to get a free apartment for their starter needs, but can upgrade to a larger home of their choice using in-game gold to purchase it.

Other housing systems discussed are custom crafted furniture that you may sell, hundreds of items you can use to decorate your home, the ability to own multiple homes, and homes being account based rather than player based. So if you purchased a large home on your main account your alts can also access the home for their needs.

Matt Firor spoke about removing the fixed leveling from many of the older zones and replacing it with enemies and quests that fit the player. He also discussed how this new update would open up more of the freedom to the player to experience the world of Elder Scrolls how they wished. Along with housing, the update will also remove some alliance restrictions and enabled dueling between friendly players.

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