EA has asked fans to show their support for adding Mass Effect 2 and 3 to the list of backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles on Xbox One.

In response to a tweet regarding compatibility for the remaining games in BioWare’s sci-fi trilogy, publisher EA’s Twitter account urged fans to vote on Microsoft’s backwards compatibility suggestion page and claimed that “the more support there is, the sooner we might some movement [sic] on this.”

Until recently, multi-disc Xbox 360 games like Mass Effect 2 and 3 were not supported in the backwards compatibility program, as disc-swapping presented unique hurdles to the console’s 360 emulator. From the looks of it, it appears that EA is open to making the later entries in the Mass Effect franchise compatible. While the details of compatibility negotiations are still somewhat opaque, this tweet suggests that the last major obstacle to making the games playable on Xbox One is convincing Microsoft to prioritize their support.

Currently, the games rank among the top 10 items on the list, along with Grand Theft Auto IV, Skyrim, and the remaining Call of Duty titles.

The original Mass Effect, published by Microsoft, has been backwards compatible since the program’s launch back on July 15, 2015. Perhaps we won’t have to wait much longer to finish the trilogy.

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