A new trailer has been released for Stellar Overload, which has recently been released as an Early Access title on Steam.

The new trailer shows off the blocky goodness that is Stellar Overload, and gives gamers a glimpse of what to expect from the title. The game has been available as an alpha version during the past twelve months for kickstarter backers, and was also financially backed by the French National Center of Cinematography and the Moving Image (CNC).

Stellar Overload takes place on a number of planets each with its specific set of resources. As players explore them, they will unlock access to new technologies. As player’s progress through the game’s world and dungeons, they will unlock recipes that will help them get stronger. They will need raw resources to make various objects, such as tools, weapons, and armor, which can be obtained by finding them on planets, in chests, or as quest rewards. To defend themselves, players will need to create one of five different weapons: the pistol, the rifle, the Block-Thrower, the sonic carbine, and the grenades. Players will also be able to build vehicles which will allow them to explore different planets. There will also be a creative mode that will allow players to create to their hearts content.

Stellar Overload is available on Steam through Early Access. A Linux version is available, with a Mac version on the way.

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