Finally, a Minecraft mod I can really get behind! If you’re like me and you just can’t get enough of the refreshing breath of air that is the fantastic multiplayer game Splatoon then have no fear because now there are even more ways for you to play it.

Since Splatoon’s launch I’ve often found myself sitting at my computer and realizing I can’t play Splatoon on it and it has made me incredibly sad. But now, thanks to Minecraft modder Sethbling all I have to do to play Splatoon on my computer is boot up my 6 year old of Minecraft and I can enjoy a Splatoon like atmosphere without having to move all the way to my Wii U!

This new Splatoon Minecraft mod follows the gameplay of Splatoon closely and even lets you turn into a squid on top of your team’s color! Overall the mod looks and feels fantastic and I would highly recommend trying it out and checking it out in the video below!

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