Fallout 4 has received a huge amount of critical success since it was released almost a year ago. There have also been a number of updates and DLC to keep the fun going for as long as it has. The most recent, Nuka-World, has also been said by developers at Bethesda to be the final DLC made for the title. According to a Steam page and some fans on Reddit, this could turn out to be false.

When looking at the Steam page for Fallout 4, there is a list of DLC that was brought to the game. On that same page there is a new DLC listed. It simply says “Unknown App,” but is listed after Nuka-World. The Reddit page for Fallout has gone back and forth on whether or not this could actually be new content for the game, considering the developers specifically stated that Nuke-World would be the last.

There is a possibility that the update is simply to prepare the game for VR or some other extreme hardware, rather than actually bringing new content. Perhaps Bethesda will make a statement about this soon enough. It would certainly help out fans who of Fallout 4 who are biting their nails about it.

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