A new update has been released for the PC version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and quite a sizeable one at that. If you own The Witcher 3 on Steam you will have noticed a hefty update waiting for you, 2.2GB to be exact. After some worries from fans that their hard drives might not be able to cope with the extra strain, it has been confirmed that the patch can be deleted safely without affecting your game.

The patch adds out of game content such as manuals, artwork, maps, additional wallpapers and extra language options. The optionality was discovered by Reddit user madn3ss795 who posted “After extracting the additional contents consume ~3Gb on the hard drive. CDPR needs a better way to provide bonus contents on Steam. I spent 30 mins downloading the patch just to delete them seconds later.”

If you feel the size of the update may be a little too much, all you have to do is go into the game’s directory and delete the art book, map and manual subfolders. Deleting these folders will not affect your game. Also if you’d like to download the update again after deleting a few files, you can do so via Steam by “Verify[ing] Integrity of Game Cache”

CD Projekt have recently announced a new update coming very soon that aims to tweak movement speed, inventory organisation and many other aspects of the game’s mechanics.

Source: Gamespot, Reddit.


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