Halloween is coming. And Grand Theft Auto will be celebrating the season with a brand new update including new vehicles and a new Adversary mode for GTA Online.

From Friday 28th October, Rockstar Games will be releasing the latest of their series of updates to the popular online version of the GTA franchise. A new spooky motorcycle dubbed the “Sanctus” will be available for purchase. The motorbike is sporting a skull headlight and spider web design wheels.

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Rockstar also reveals the newest Adversary mode known as Lost VS Damned. In the announcement, Rockstar describes the mode, calling it “a classic battle between the forces of good and evil” as the Devils take on the Angels in a fight to the death. The twist to this Halloween inspired conflict is a day/night cycle that switches every 60 seconds. The day time will benefit the Angels, whereas the night time will be in favor of the Devils. Armour, health and weapons loadout will be improved depending on the time of day, giving a distinct advantage to one side or the other.

Classic GTA Online Halloween vehicles and items will also be making a return, with more details due to release on Friday alongside the update.

The Halloween event will take place from the 28th October through to the 7th November. This will coincide with Anniversary special offers, where Rockstar will be including discounts on a huge number of items spanning the three years of content updates.

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