Blizzard Entertainment has released some new information detailing the change of Arena to Heroes Brawl.

First announced at BlizzCon 2015, Heroes of the Storm promised a unique gameplay mode called Arena. We didn’t get many details from the announcement, other than some wacky team combinations and promises of multiple heroes on the same team. Blizzard also teased unique maps and objectives just for this team mode. Since BlizzCon, we haven’t heard any updates on the mode or when it would be released, until now.

Blizzard has renamed the mode, now calling it Heroes Brawl. This weekly mode promises “custom rulesets that turn everything you thought you knew about the game on its head.” In the release statement on the official Heroes of the Storm website, we get some new information about the battlegrounds Heroes Brawl will be using. We see the use of standard maps with not yet defined “Mutators” that will somehow effect the map in drastic ways, new arenas specifically designed for the new mode, as well as single-lane battlegrounds.

Much like other Blizzard products, this new mode won’t go without rewarding you for your time. Heroes Brawl promises weekly rewards for those players who participate in at least 3 Brawls a week. Check out the hilarious release trailer for the new mode below.

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