For the past week, Overkill has been releasing new information surrounding their Hoxton’s House Party update for Payday 2. There are an absolutely incredible amount of content revealed, including new enemies, new weapons and new masks. Among the many features revealed over the course of the week, the main attraction is the new ability to upgrade the safe house.

The new safe houses features 16 areas in which to upgrade up to twice. These upgrades cost ‘Continental Coins’ which can be earned by playing through Heists, completing side jobs or earning trophies. These rooms can unlock neat new mini-games to play, which too can be upgraded through upgrading the area.

As mentioned, while the main feature is the brand new safe houses, there are a fair amount of new content added to the game, including:

  • Two new difficulties. Mayhem is easier than Death Wish but harder than Overkill. And One Down, where being downed once will instantly send players to custody.
  • Two sets of masks based on Italian mobsters and the Army.
  • New concussion grenades.
  • New Goliath 12G Shotgun.
  • Mutator feature, in order to customize gameplay experience.
  • New Safe skins for the Locomotive Shotgun, China Puff and Akimbo Compact 5.
  • New Medic enemy units, prevents other enemy units from taking fatal damage.
  • Return of the Panic Room heists from Payday 1

Fortunately, the entire update is free for Payday 2 owners, and will be permanent. This is a massive injection into the game, so hopefully we’ll be seeing you lovely criminals heisting out there.

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