Alongside the first major update to Riders of Icarus, developer WeMade has announced PvP content to be released later this month.

Riders of Icarus is a mount riding and fighting based MMORPG that’s currently in beta. It’s just released its first major update, Blight of Frost Keep, which introduced the new Frost Keep area (with a movement-debilitating frost and “Field Raid”), several new dungeons for higher levels of players, and a slew of new mounts.

WeMade has also announced an upcoming PvP area called the Exarahn Badlands, accessible through a portal sending players 1000 years into the past; in addition to extensive lore implications, anyone not in your party or guild alliance is a potential enemy. (Guilds can be joined now, in preparation for the PvP update.) Higher-level players will be able to fight, quest, and tame new mounts; with no PvP death penalties and some fearsome mounts, the Exarahn Badlands should have something for even non-competitive players.

For the competitive, Alliance Wars may be started by Alliance leaders, battles which extend into high-level parts of Parna’s Coast (for those involved in the war). The first side to accrue 200 points (one point per kill) is considered the victor. If you prefer smaller teams, solo-players and small guilds can form “militias” for PvP, with more details to come. Additionally, Manastone Battles will feature large-scale capture-the-flag mechanics.

One-on-one may not have real support yet, but the game is also still in beta– and is currently free on Windows, and well-received, if you want to see what it’s all about.

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