Almost 11 years from the launch of World of Warcraft the overall graphics in the game haven’t strayed too far from where they started. Whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing there are always people who look at these sorts of things and think what if? A while ago we took a look at a short video of the Alliance area of Elwynn Forest recreated in Unreal engine by YoutTuber Daniel L which took us on a journey around the area and showed us what World of Warcraft could look like if recreated in modern game engines.

Well as he promised he hasn’t rested. He’ been hard at work realising another area from Warcraft. This time he has turned his attention to Westfall, the neighbouring region to Elwynn Forest in the Alliance region of the Eastern Kingdoms of Azeroth. The video takes us on a brief fly by tour of some of the area in full 1080p at 60fps and gives a wonderful representation on the full zone. Complete with day and night cycle and some weather effects it truly leaves any Warcraft fan hungry for more.

In the comments section of Daniel’s video he says: “DISCLAIMER: I don’t want WoW to look exactly like this. The point of these recreations is not to showcase how “bad” WoW looks now or how it should look. WoW has a very unique art style which makes the environments look much better than this, even though this has higher fidelity. A combination of both would be perfect. This is merely me having fun in Unreal 4. Textures from and Unreal demos. Some models extracted from World of Warcraft using WowModelViewer. Trees made in SpeedTree for Unreal 4.”

Here’s the video:

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