Final Fantasy XV Lestallum Hotel

Recent Final Fantasy XV screenshots show off new areas.

The building above is located in Lestallum, located near the Duscae region. The hotel above will likely be a good spot to recover one’s health. A lot of information and goods will be available in this city.

While designing this city, Cuba was a source of inspiration. This is clear by taking notice of the tropical town that has palm trees lined up on the sides of the street. The game’s buildings also look similar to some Cuban buildings. I think it’s awesome to see people walking, running, cooking, and more because it gives life to this town.

Another screenshot shows just how gorgeous exploring the continent will be. The player can either take their time to absorb and explore the world, or continue towards their objective.Final Fantasy XV Continent 1

Ido is  a dark dungeon area. The dungeon is a nice change in pace, since the other screenshots were above ground. The creepy atmosphere will no doubt keep players on edge, for the trouble to come.

Final Fantasy XV Ido

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