Started back in Dota, FiercE was a pro and played extensively. Since the release of Dota 2, he had become known for his educational videos on his channel. Working on helping other players to become better at playing, he had a very positive personality and actively tried to see a game he loved become easier to get into for more people. One of his fantastic videos is his work on Zone Control and Positioning.

Taken from a post by a friend of his, Aarion ‘Spitward’ Stern announcing FiercE’s passing:

“This is difficult so I’m just going to keep it short. Fierce’s sister called me this morning and said he has passed away. Cause of death is unknown right now. They are having a memorial service on Wednesday in the NJ area — contact me if you would like the details… I’ve known Fierce for about ten years. He was always a great teammate and a great friend. A very funny, smart, and naturally talented guy. He attended a couple LANs in NY back in the day so maybe some of you have met him.”

His presence will be missed and we hope his friends and families all the best and much strength during this time. He’ll definitely be missed and he will be remembered fondly.

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