With the first Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Beta weekend officially wrapped up, Infinity Ward is already preparing for the second. While the first only included those who had pre-ordered the game on PS4, the second is opening up to include Xbox One pre-order holders, and, it turns out, the rest of the PS4 player-base as well.

Starting Friday, October 21, the Infinite Warfare Beta kicks into gear once more. Activision took to Twitter to reassure dedicated fans that their progress will roll over between the two beta phases. Additionally, there will be a few more players joining the competition.

Posting on the publisher’s blog, Lead Multiplayer Designer Joe Cecot explains, referring to the beta, “The feedback and player data is exactly what we need in order to make our day one experience on November 4 the best it can be in the final game. So much so that we’d like to open the beta up even further starting this Friday for all PS4 players. We are constantly fine tuning and balancing the MP experience to meet player expectations and our design goals, so huge thanks from all of us at the studio.”

The Infinite Warfare Beta is available now on the PS Store for pre-download. All the action picks up again October 21 at 10am PT (notably the same day Battlefield 1 officially releases), and runs through Monday, October 24 at 10am PT. And for those that like what they see, look for this year’s Call of Duty to hit store shelves on November 4.

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