With Civilization VI’s release coming right around the corner, what better time than to look at another civilization who will be claiming their stake in the new world. The lesser emphasised Sumerians will be playable in Civilization VI, and will be led by Gilgamesh. A legendary figure whose exploits are unknown to be true or fictional. Regardless, scholars have managed to find out that the characters Gilgamesh encountered in his epic tales did exist and estimate his reign to have taken up to 126 years.

Under the leadership of Gilgamesh, the Sumerians have the ‘Epic Quest’ ability. Which will an early boost to the nation by providing an additional tribal point for every barbarian camp captured. True to Gilgamesh’s war-ridden lore, the other ability ‘Adventures with Enkidu’ gives Sumerians who fight in joint wars additional shared experience and pillage reward to units up to five tiles away.

As for the racial unique unit, the Sumerians will receive the War Cart which is an exceptionally strong early game unit. The War Cart suffers from no penalties against spearman or cavalry units. Furthermore, the War Cart gains extra movement for starting on an open plains tile. Sumeria will have the Ziggurat as their unique tile improvement. It provides science and culture when adjacent to a river. Both the War Cart and the Ziggurat are available to develop from the start.

The game is shaping up quite nicely, early impressions are positive, and the changes look like the game will be a fantastic entry into the franchise. Civilization VI will be available on Steam from October 21st.

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