Since it’s release Ubisoft has been supporting Rainbow Six Siege with free updates that each bring a new map and two new operators for players to enjoy. The next Rainbow Six Siege update, Operation Skull Rain, will introduce several new features along with the new characters and the new map, Favela.

A recent update on the Ubisoft Blog details the story behind the map in an interview with Art Director Gregory Fromenteau. “To reproduce the feeling that ‘no place is safe,’ we implemented a new technique: the exterior shell destruction. In Favela, the main buildings are destructible from the outside, which requires a new assessment as to how vulnerable you are where you are standing. With this new feature in our map, you can’t hide. So you better get moving.”

Accompanied in the post is a trailer that shows the exterior and the interior of the map. As seen in the trailer, Favela seems to be a whole different map compared to the other maps in Siege with plenty of overlapping sections and a bigger emphasis on exterior lines of sight.

Operation Skull Rain launches August 2nd and includes the map, Favela, two new operators from Brazil’s Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais (BOPE), Caveira and Capitão, a new angled grip attachment that increases aim speed, the heavily requested surrender option in matchmaking and the Tactical Realism game mode that limits the players HUD and marking abilities for a tougher challenge.

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