343 Industries has been hard at work continuing the saga of Master Chief 117, but fans want to experience the story with Lego Halo.

Microsoft knows what the fans want, and the possibility of a Lego Halo rise if it can sell some toys. The current issue with Halo is that the core medium of the series is not really fit for the under 10 market, violent video games sell to young adults and older but not often to children. This mix-up of having a solid core medium but only achieving 30% revenue from merchandising will not allow the Mjolnir clad soldier to stand the test of time.

343 Industries head, Bonnie Ross, wishes to tackle the issue head on. “People that were playing the first Halo, they now have kids that they’re bringing into the franchise, and that’s where we see our toy business,” Ross explains to Fast Company. “I would say that when we first started the franchise, the thought of doing, like, a Lego Halo game was not something that our core fans thought was interesting, whereas now we’re getting requests for that.”

Don’t take that as a guarantee however that a Lego Halo game is in the works. With 343 Industries star title currently having a licensing deal with Lego competitor Mega Blocks, it may be a while before the idea sees the light of day.

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