Vive VR officially released earlier this week, but soon met with a range of shipping issues, including some pre-orders simply being automatically canceled. Responding to the various problems and concerns consumers have experienced, HTC has asked for patience and tried to provide solutions to many of the possible issues.

Posting on what the VR manufacture is calling a “bulletin board for known issues,” HTC reminded consumers to double check the estimated delivery month noted on the original order confirmation email. Despite a mix up earlier this week, all shipments will be sent out according to the order in which they were purchased. Likewise, in the case of any consumers who originally paid for express shipping, but received economy shipping, HTC will be sending refunds for the difference in the 5-10 days following the shipment.

“We understand that multiple issues have arisen in the past two days and we are working hard to resolve them as quickly and efficiently as possible,” the post reads. “We appreciate your patience as we identify these issues and work to solve them.”

Currently, the bulletin board includes solutions and answers for just under a dozen questions that have risen in the past week. Have an issue we didn’t mention here? Be sure to check the full list on the Vive website.

It was recently announced Vive VR will have demo headsets available in select GameStop and Microsoft stores.

Even though it launched late last month, the Oculus Rift has experienced shipment problems of its own, prompting plenty of consumer anger and a heated backlash from Oculus founder Palmer Luckey.

Are you waiting on a Vive VR headset? What about an Oculus Rift? Or do you already have your VR headset? Let us know in the comments.

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