Originally released exclusively in Brazil in 1998 by Tectoy along with 3DRealms and partners, this port has failed to see the light of day anywhere else in the world. That is, until today.

Piko Interactive acquired the rights to the console port and are finally releasing it here in the states.

Available for preorder on their online shop, the Duke Nukem 3D port for the Sega Mega Drive system will run $39.99 for a cartridge only, or $54.99 for the game, case and a color instruction manual.

Due to the limitations of the Sega Mega Drive, Piko admits some changes had to be made, “Duke Nukem 3D Genesis features a simplified game engine to meet the Sega Genesis Limitations. The game contains the second of the original games three episodes only. This episode is called Lunar Apocalypse and the levels are redesigned to better suit the new game engine.”

Even in its reduced state, how cool would it be to own this game!

The product is available for order right now. It takes about three weeks from purchase date for delivery.

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