Once a Steam Greenlight project, Clockwork has come to PC with a full, official release– and some significant discounts.

Clockwork, which has been developed by the Australia-based and aptly named Gamesoft, is a puzzle-platformer that uses time travel as its core mechanic. You’ll be sending past versions of yourself to help you complete future tasks as you navigate the impressively-mechanized world of Watchtower.

The game’s jointed animations and metallurgy aesthetic belie an important part of the game’s story: Its “robots” are organic creatures. A great plague wiped out most of humanity, and the rest encased themselves in metal bodies. With the help of a long-dormant apparatus and your plucky, pseudo-automaton protagonist, you might be able to turn back the clock and prevent this all from happening– if you can make it through the belly of the machine that is Watchtower.

In Greenlight form, both IGN and Jim Sterling gave optimistic reviews of the project, and with over 60 levels and 4 different zones of the world, there’s certainly a lot of work put in– and a lot to see for yourself. Clocktower is available on Steam for PC, priced at $14.99. Importantly, however, the game currently has a 20% launch week discount, “to reward fans for their continued patience and support throughout Clockwork’s development,” according to managing director Vishal Gumber. “A big thank-you to all the feedback from fans and media who’ve spent time with the game – we’re committed to delivering a clever and compelling game and look forward to future platform releases.”

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