Over the past few months, we have seen Nintendo do a lot to turn around the not so great state they have been in the past couple of years. Part of this turnaround has come from the release of Pokemon Go. While they don’t own the title entirely themselves, it still was a beneficial release for them. Now, they would like to replicate this success with another popular name on their belt.

Nintendo announced Super Mario Run some time ago. Like classic Mario games, it will be a side scroller, but in this case the running will be automatic. The player’s will tap to control when Mario jumps. In an interview with Bloomberg, President Tatsumi Kimishima spoke of the company’s expectations for this new game. “In terms of expectations, we all saw what happened when we delivered Pokemon Go.” He continued, “And that’s what Miyamoto’s team is working on now: making sure it spreads out just as quickly as Pokemon Go. So our expectations are big.”

It is hard to know whether or not Super Mario Run will be as big as Pokemon Go, but Nintendo did state that there are already 20 million people signed up to be notified of when the app is available to them. Even if half of those people actually download the game, it will be a nice success.

Super Mario Run will be released on IOS in December.

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