The summer is over and fall is here. It’s beginning to get darker much sooner outside as well. Mother nature knows exactly how to set the mood for the frightening good times of October and Halloween and so does the PlayStation Store. With more darkness in every day, that is more hours to set up the perfect atmosphere when playing some of the scariest games out there. Thanks to PlayStation, you can do it without breaking the bank as well.

In honor of upcoming Halloween festivities, Sony has put a number of titles in the Resident Evil series on sale for all current PlayStation consoles. On the PS4, there are plenty to choose from including Resident Evil 0, Umbrella Corps (both regular and Deluxe edition), Resident Evil 4, 5, and much more.

For those on the PS3, there is nearly everything listed above with the addition of Code: Veronica X, Operation Racoon City, The Darkest Chronicles, and more. The lists just keep moving forward. Don’t think they forgot about the PS Vita. On the handheld, you can get Revelations 2, and some classic titles like Nemesis.

Not all games in the PlayStation Store sale are horror-themed, like EA Sports UFC 2, but if you don’t think Rhonda Rousey trying to beat the snot out of you is scary, more power to you. Check out the sale for yourself.

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