As the hype for DC’s upcoming movie, Suicide Squad, increases, so do our expectations for the film.  In the latest update, Empire Magazine has revealed the costume for classic Batman villain, The Joker as played for Jared Leto.  In previous Batman films, the Joker’s costume has stayed relatively true to the comic book version:  green hair, green (sometimes blue) vest and a purple jacket.  In Suicide Squad, The Joker has undergone a severe, Punk makeover.   On the cover, Leto sports blue pants, and a long, metallic purple, alligator skin trench coat.  He foregoes a shirt to display an array of tattoos, the most prominent of which is a toothy grin and the word “JOKER” emblazoned across his abdomen.   Keep in mind however that this is only the costume for the magazine cover and it is likely that The Joker will be subject to multiple costume changes throughout the film.

The spread in Empire also shows the Joker, clad in a strait jacket, sitting across from a blonde therapist assumed to be Dr.  Harleen Quinzel, who later becomes the supervillainess, Harley Quinn.  Quinn, played by actress Margot Robbie, will have a major role in the upcoming film.   Her costume was revealed early on and she can be seen in the trailer.

Since the Joker was the first character of the Suicide Squad to have an official magazine cover, it begs the question of just how important will the Joker’s role be.   Will he be there primarily for Harley Quinn’s backstory?  Or will The Joker have a more prominent part in the events of the film?  The only way to answer these questions is to go see the movie which hits U.S. theaters August 5, 2016.

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