The European ratings board PEGI has recently rated the PlayStation 2 title Red Faction, possibly indicating that it will be coming to current consoles.

Caught by the NeoGAF user Rymuth, PEGI – which is the European equivalent of the ESRB – has recently given the THQ game Red Faction a rating of 16. Generally when a rating of an older game is given we can expect the game to be re-released in some form. While the Xbox One opts for backward compatibility with its older games, PlayStation 4 has been reselling or streaming using PlayStation Now for their older games. Since this was a PlayStation 2 title it is more likely to show up on the PlayStation 4.

Red Faction was originally released in 2001 for PlayStation 2 and PC. Its main selling point was its use of ‘GeoMod’ technology, which allowed players to significantly alter the surrounding terrain and buildings with weapons and explosives. So instead of a player opening a door, you could destroy the wall surrounding a door and it would fall to the ground. This was one of the first iterations of this type of technology and received generally positive reviews from the gaming community.

We still have not received a review from the ESRB so there is a small possibility that Red Faction will only be re-released in Europe. We will just have to wait and see.

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