Get ready to shout at dragons, fight off some nords, and pass go as Skyrim: Monopoly has been announced to ship March 2017. Pre-orders are already up on Merchiod’s website.

“Whether your plans are to set up villages in Winterhold or construct huge castles in Windhelm,” Merchiod’s Community Manager Jessica Adams writes, “get ready to unleash your inner entrepreneurial spirit as you lay claim to some of the most valuable plots of land in Tamriel. Most importantly, you’ll learn the intimidating new Dragon shout ‘Fus Ro Deal!’ as you bargain, buy and trade your way to success. Just beware those fearsome Dragons who may strike at any moment to destroy your hard earned investment.”

Expect all of your favorite locations, Nordic beverages, and fearsome enemies to be featured in the classic rendition of Skyrim now available for preorder starting at $47.99.

The Skyrim Special Edition is set to launch on October 28th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

PC users who own Skyrim and all of its DLC can download the special edition for free. Read more on how Skyrim has not been confirmed for the Nintendo Switch and the Skyrim Special Edition system requirements here on Gamespresso.

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