Stardew Valley has received its first major content update since the game’s release in February. Available now, the 1.1 update to the indie breakout hit adds a number of notable features, including new farm layouts and additional marriage candidates.

Players who wish to start from scratch will now be able to select from 4 new farm layouts, with various adjustments to terrain and resources. The Riverland Farm contains ample bodies of water for players who wish to focus on fishing, while the Forest Farm provides lush vegetation that provides plenty opportunity for logging and foraging. Likewise, the Hill-top Farm emphasizes mining and provides a number of mineral deposits. And finally, a Wilderness Farm, in which monsters will spawn at night for players who are looking for a more combat-driven experience, has also been added.

Fans who were disappointed to learn they couldn’t pursue romance with scruffy boozehound Shane or the crafty blue-haired Emily will be happy to learn that both characters are now eligible for marriage. For fans who have already settled for other partners, developer Concerned Ape has added the ability to file for divorce so you can pursue your one true love.

Spouse behavior has been updated as well. Previously, partners abandoned many of their distinctive characteristics upon marriage, leading some fans to express concern about the state of marriage in the game. Husbands and wives will now engage in activities on the farm and even have their own personal outdoor area where they can engage in activities and display their belongings.

In her review of Stardew Valley, our own Alana Fearnall argued that while the game displayed a “a solid, fun framework,” it would benefit from the addition of more content. This update looks to build upon that promising framework as the game approaches its console release before the end of the year.

In addition to these major content additions, the 1.1 update adds a number of buildings, locations, and objects, as well as numerous balance changes and bug fixes. The full patch notes can be found here.

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